Reflective Star Wallet

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The Star wallet will make the most ordinarious activities amazing and coloured. Bring it with you and you will receive all kinds of compliments in all their semplicity. Every time you will take it out your purse, you'll have to answer always to the same questions. "Where did you take it?!". "Wonderful, how can I take it?" 
Luminous reflective clutch | Prismacy
They don't know that a wallet like ours it is hard to find. No shop will be ready to the news. You'll be envied.

Luminous reflective clutch | Prismacy
This wallet is not only young and particular, but also lean and capacious. It can take your essential, even your iPhone Plus.


  • Size in cm (10cm x 19.5cm)
  • Designed with the famous "Shard Pattern" reflective to the light.
  • Inner side in vegan leather with an open pocket, one zip pocket, 8 flips for the cards and two windows

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