We love bags!

We love the personality and style a good bag can bring to an outfit, and how the right bag could help you reaching the right look.

You can look sophisticated, funny or simply ready to anything the day could throw to you, it always exists the perfect bag for your outfit, mood and moment.

It was this idea that brought us to what will be the changing colour bags.

Prismacy started in Italy in 2019, with the purpose to distribute colourful bags, for colourful people. We wanted to bring in the market an accessory that could bring news and utility for one of the ‘musts’ of your wardrobe: the handbag.

To reach this goal, we decided to combine 2 trending designs: the geometric artistic style and the reborn of all things if brightly coloured and holographic.

Now, after months of hard work, preparation and much seriousness, we are happy to see that our distribution brand of accessories and bags is beginning to bring joy and wonder to our loyal clients.